The nature of a cluster of X-ray sources near the Chamaeleon star-forming region (originally developed by S. Murphy, RSAA/ANU; further developed by M. Allen and C. Bot; it can be found in its original form here)

Uses VODesktop, TOPCAT and Aladin

The goal of this tutorial is to identify pre-main sequence stars, detected in X-ray, that belong to a young cluster near the Chamaeleon star-forming region. To do so, we will use different properties: these sources are spatially clustered, they have similar proper motions, we expect them to be brighter than field stars, and they lie on the same isochrone in a color-magnitude diagram. The stars we will find during this process are members of the "Eta Chamaeleontis" cluster, an 8 Myr-old cluster of stars 97 pc from the Sun. The 18 cluster known members were discovered over the course of many years by a very similar process.


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Colour-magnitude diagram:

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